Neville Ness House

  • It is a treasured souvenir with exquisitely drawn illustrations - 35 - of Diana's places in London.  Accompanying each illustration is an interesting and entertaining vignette sourced by the author from those close to the Princess.

  • Available in both hardback and paperback 

  • A4 size - 8.5" * 11.0"

Features of the book

A peek inside DIANA following in her footsteps . . .

DIANA following in her footsteps by Antonio Rossi and Sarah-Jane Bentley

DIANA following in her footsteps


 You will be transported into the fascinating world Diana, Princess of Wales, occupied in the  British capital, London.  DIANA following in her footsteps, takes you to the cathedral where  she was married, the palaces where she lived, the abbey where her funeral was conducted  and the apartment block she called home until a king-in-waiting came courting.

 You will experience:

  • the places where she ate - from the salubrious celebrity haunts to the burger bars where she used to take William and Harry for what she told them was ‘a nosh’

  • the fashion houses where she shopped for fine clothes;

  • the hospitals where she tended to the sick;

  • the special places where her memory is preserved 

 And then there are the places where she let her hair down:

  • an outrageously gay venue on the wrong side of the Thames;

  • the grand Royal Opera House where she left the Royal Box and her surprised husband to join the dancing on stage; and

  • the Mayfair nightclub where she drank at the bar disguised as a policewoman. 

 You will find it’s ALL here . . . and so much more

DIANA following in her footsteps by Antonio Rossi and Sarah-Jane Bentley

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