Guidelines on Submission

  • The manuscript must be your own original work

  • If accepted you will be asked to sign a declaration that the manuscript is your own work

  • Once submitted our team will review your manuscript to determine if it is suitable for Neville Ness House

  • It your manuscript is suitable for us we will contact you and ask you to sign our publishing agreement before we proceed

  • Please tell us if your manuscript is under consideration by another publisher

  • You will receive an email acknowledgement on receipt of your submission.

  • We endeavour to respond to your submission within two weeks

​​Submit a manuscript

Authors and Editors

  Publish with us...

  • We need writers who, like us, find people fascinating

  • Perhaps your own story would make a good subject for a book

  • Remember, if it interests you it will probably interest us, so make use of our editorial experience.

  • Should you require a ghost writer we have access to the best in the business

  • Importantly, we at Neville Ness House have close and extensive relationships with national newspapers, magazines and broadcasting media.

 So get writing...

Neville Ness House