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Diana on the Edge by Chris Hutchins and Dominic Midgley

Author's comments . . . . Of the many books written about the late Diana, Princess of Wales, not one had been devoted to analysing her intriguing public and private behaviour. . . . until this one came along.  Experts offered fascinating insights into the dark secrets of her troubled life. 

​                                                                                                                                                                           ​Chris Hutchins

About Diana on the Edge

This is the book which caused something of a sensation when it was first published since it delved into the mind of the Princess of Wales, one of the most controversial women on earth, during the latter years of her life.

Ostracised by the Royal Family after the breakdown of her marriage to Britain’s next monarch, detached from her friends and tainted by stories of her romantic adventures, she was being pushed to the very limits of her endurance.   Drawing on high-level sources – some of whom had never spoken before – and a team of distinguished specialists, this book examines her troubled mind. It probes the dark secrets at the root of her bulimia, the childhood traumas that cast a dark shadow over her adult love life, the pressures placed on her by the Palace hierarchy, the obsession with bodily perfection and the angry scenes she seemed unable to avoid. What drove Diana to the brink?

It’s all told here . . .