Author's comment . . . Peter Thompson and I were persuaded to have this re-titled account of our Elvis/Beatles book published because readers of the earlier edition pointed out that the focus of the book was Presley’s feud with John Lennon.  Chris Hutchins

Elvis & Lennon by Chris Hutchins and Peter Thompson


HOW the meeting at Elvis’s Bel Air mansion – arranged by their friend, the co-author Chris Hutchins – lit the touch paper for a dangerous feud between John Lennon, the anti-war idealist, and Elvis, the former tank corps sergeant.

HOW Elvis, the drug-busting Federal agent plotted with the FBI to have John Lennon deported from the United States.

HOW the Beatles roistered through the Hamburg Reeperbahn on drink, drugs and sex – and Little Richard quoted scripture in a bid to seduce Ringo.

HOW John Lennon fell in love with a cult British singer and only her untimely death threw him into the arms of Yoko One.

HOW Frank Sinatra intervened to save Elvis from his drug nightmare.  HOW Elvis’s one-time lover Jayne Mansfield set out to seduce John, but her tarot card reader intervened and foretold their violent deaths with terrifying accuracy.

**This book is also published under the title ELVIS meets THE BEATLES

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