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Author's comments . . . .Had it not been for a telephone call I received at the daily newspaper where I worked, I might never have started writing books. The caller was a man connected with the security services and what he had to say led to an astonishing series of revelations about the Duchess of York.  Chris Hutchins

FERGIE CONFIDENTIAL The Duchess of York's True Story 

by Chris Hutchins and Peter Thompson

About FERGIE CONFIDENTIAL The Duchess of York's True Story

IT SEEMS that almost every week Sarah Ferguson - the Duchess of York, known to one and all as Fergie - makes headlines with her efforts to re-brand herself and explain her troubles.  There are the weight-loss problems, the ongoing differences with the Royal Family and her financial difficulties.  But how did it all start?

It seemed like a fairy-tale come true when Sarah married the Queen’s favourite son, Prince Andrew, and became one of the best-known women in the world.  She was feted wherever she went – and she went everywhere.  But the Duchess’s world was to come crashing down in spectacular fashion.

We’ve all heard the rumours, now here’s a book that sets out the facts about all the scandals. Finally, the explosive truth from two experts – CHRIS HUTCHINS, the journalist who broke the palace-rocking story of Fergie’s risqué liaison with handsome Texan Steve Wyatt, and PETER THOMPSON, a former editor of London’s Daily Mirror, the paper that ran the sexy St. Tropez stories of Fergie and her “financial advisor” Johnny Bryan.  The book also details her often-tempestuous relationship with Princess Diana and how both women decided to end their marriages.

*This book is also available under the title SARAH’S STORY.