About GOLDSMITH Money, Women and Power - the uncensored story

​​​Sir James Goldsmith was one of the most intriguing figures of the twentieth century but as a billionaire with a taste for litigation he successfully ensured that, for much of his life, his background, methods and ambitions escaped far-reaching investigation. This is the first unauthorised biography of Goldsmith and it deals with every aspect of his complex life. 

This is a book for anyone interested in how great fortunes are built, the future of Europe, the ongoing controversy over environmental issues and – of course – how a charismatic man can juggle a succession of wives and mistresses. 

Has he equipped his children to exploit the fortune he has left to build a vast business empire or has he condemned them to gilded obscurity?  

GOLDSMITH tells the incredible story of an extraordinary man and the legacy he has left his family and the world. 

Authors' comments . . . ​I found Sir James to be a formidable figure when we first encountered each other in a Paris hotel lobby. But he was a proud man who had to have his way and in attempting to stop this book being written (let alone published) he put up an outstanding battle. Despite his politics being of an anti-Conservative nature he would by proud to have learned that his son Zac had been chosen by the Party as its choice to be Mayor of London. 

Chris Hutchins

Goldsmith Money, Women and Power by  Chris Hutchins and Dominic Midgley

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